Tomorrow is the day when we will start this blog. Or the next day.

Whatever day we get our start that will be the day when you can look forward to reading our thoughts about whatever it is we want to think about.

Okay, just so you have something to look forward to. We will be blogging about stuff that guys like to blog about. At least that is the plan, though since we have not had universal luck with keeping plans on track in the past, we will have to assume that that particular plan is subject to change on a moments notice.

We will talk about tools and truck and then about other tools and maybe about fast cars. And trucks.

Hobbies of all sorts will be discussed. The more manly the better. Unless the kids get involved and then who the heck knows what is likely to appear here.

Any way, keep posted add when we have something to say we will be saying it here.

That’s the plan so far.