And Mondo Wood Planers

Here we are. Back again. Did I tell you not to expect us to be predictable? I should have. We pride ourselves in being a little different that the run of the mill human beings you see around you every day.

There is at least one way in which we are not different though. And we are ok with that. We have an addiction to buying stuff that helps us get on with our hobbies.

We spend a small fortune on paintball stuff ( I know – aren’t we a little old for that stuff?), we like to buy shiny stuff for our truck, and we have a serious hole in our budget caused by wanting to own anything and everything that has to do with making beauty from wood.

This week it’s all about the Dewalt wood thickness planer we bought. It has got to be the coolest tool in our shop right now. Of course, we think that about every new tool we buy, but this baby is going to pair up with our jointer to give us all the capabilities of making custom furniture that we have been pining for forever.

mixed wood slabWe already have a design for a cool new breakfront we are planning to build. It has a cherry top and a walnut front with maple drawer fronts. It will make a serious statement that will go with absolutely none of the other decor in our place, and we just don’t give a damn. Nobody is going to notice the other stuff when they get their beady little eyes on that baby.

And that’s just the start. We have a plan that involves turning our whole bedroom into a display of different exotic woods. It will be truly awesome when it gets done. Maybe we’ll post pictures. The only real problem is that after we take on second jobs to pay for all the fancy boards, we’re not sure how we are going to find the time and energy to get out ┬áto the shop.

Never mind. We have only been able to play with the planer just a little bit so far, and so far everything about it has met our expectations. It is one solid little unit. We ran a couple of oak boards through it and were extremely happy with how well they turned out.

They are smoooooth and the depth adjustment on the unit was easy, solid and precise. Love it, love it.

Just for fun we ran an oak board and a maple scrap we had lying around through the planer at nine sixteenths and glued them up. It is a really cool look, and if the boards weren’t different colors you would have a really hard time telling that they weren’t just a single slab. You can see I have a thing for mixing wood species. I just think it’s so cool. I mean, we do.

The next thing is to build a big router table. And a router. And some bits. and a….

You get the idea. Addictions can only be sated, never satisfied. Amazon, here we come

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